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The DECO Cassette System is an arcade board developed by Data East and released in 1980. It was the first standardized arcade board and also the first to use interchangeable media to store the games, in this case cassette tapes, instead of ROMs. The cassettes would come with a resin module for copy protection. Upon inserting the tape on the machine's deck and turning it on, it would copy the tape's contents to the machine's RAM, after which the game could be played freely until the system was turned off.

Using cassette tapes made it possible to replace game titles at a low cost, but on the other hand, it took about 5 minutes to load each time the power was turned on. The cassette deck uses a dedicated and unique unit, and a full logic type that can control rewind, pause, retry, etc. from the board side is adopted. For this reason, even if a read error occurs, it has an epoch-making mechanism that automatically performs operations such as automatically rewinding and restarting from the point where the error occurred.

Despite being well received, especially in Japan, the DECO Cassette System was discontinued in 1985 due to the unreliability of both cassette tapes and security modules-as well as the inconsistent quality of its games.

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